Spot sale of regional produce

La Ferme Roulland

This family farm, located 6 km away from our restaurant, manufactures Foie Gras and duck products for 30 years. In 2015, they were awarded at agricultural show in Paris: Silver medal for their foie gras mi-cuit.

(Access to the Farm site)

Jams and Confits

"Au Temps d'Eugenie" offers candied and jams made in the purest tradition.


La Brasserie LaPépie


Beers from organic farming and high quality brewed on site

Blonde, Amber or Brown, with subtle aromas of hops.


La Distillerie Louis Roque


The Water of Life in the spotlight,

"La Veille Prune de Souillac"


Au Temps d'Eugenie

A range of drinks made from wine and fruit.


- Noyer du Périgord (vin de noix)

- Apéritif Framboisier

- Apéritif Pêcher

the Delicacies